Me“Welcome. Come on in. Take your shoes off and get comfortable. Pull  your chair closer to the chimney. Would you like a glass of wine? A cup of tea? Some of my famous Anzac cookies? It’s lovely to see you. Tell me what you’ve been up to lately. Reading? My book? Oooh, thank you. So what did you think….”

Being a writer is a lonely business, both by choice and necessity. I need to live in my mind, to get lost in the ether, to be free to follow where my words lead. Which translates to long hours hiding away in my office, to abrupt departures from mondanities and days on end when I ignore the phone and speak only to my angel daughters and the Evil Dog. Most of the time, I adore this self-imposed solitude but woman, apparently, cannot live by word alone. A little company does a body good…so it with great joy that I welcome your visit. Please leave a trace of your passage by clicking on Guest Book.  Ask me questions about my books, tell me what you liked best, suggest other books you’ve enjoyed. And thanks for stopping by. Come again soon.

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From the Valley to the Sea
From the Valley to the Sea is the story of a lifetime of absence, of the love that a mother has for her child, and how, sometimes, love is not enough to shield us from life's shifting sands. Set against the troubled background of Corsican nationalism in the 1960s, follow the story of a woman who loses her soul in the search for her child, and herself.

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